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Gothswimsuit you worked hard to get where you are. Hours in the gym. Eating the right foods at the right time. Lots of sweat. Now you deserve some great images that show it off. Whether a fitness competitor, gym rat or weekend warrior, Ron will make something great for you to impress your [gothswimsuit] friends. If you are a personal trainer or work in the fitness industry gothswimsuit gothswimsuit, you need a special kind of promotional image as well. Ron will create it for you.

An individual portrait includes: 2 hrs shooting. Unlimited clothing changes. At least 10 images retouched. Web sized images. One 11x14 or 19x12 print of your choice. Cost: $300 Special additions: One makeup look from my MUA included for the ladies. ($75-100) On location fee: ($50) plus travel expenses if more than 30 minutes drive. Add On A Standard Deliverable: Photo Book - $20-$100 12 Month Calendar - $40 Video Slide Show like the one above - $9 DVD of Video Slide Show - $19 Digital Photo Frame - $200
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